Our Story

My name is Mary Goodrich and I am the owner of Good Rich Bookkeeping, LLC! My first priority is God and then my family. (I won't bore you with all the details of my amazing children - because they are not as interesting to everyone else as they are to me.) They are the reason I started this company, so I can spend more time with them on my schedule. Isn't that why you started your own company? So that you could work on your terms? I have worked for bosses for a long time, and I never thought it was possible to go out on my own, but here I am and it is so GREAT!
I stumbled into the accounting world by mistake in the early 90's and knew I had found my PASSION! Before that, when I thought about an accountant, I pictured a tall lanky guy named Bob with black plastic glasses. Funny enough, one of my first bosses was named Bob and he was tall and wore glasses that were too big for his face. I will always be grateful to Bob and all that he taught me. He used to take me into the conference room and draw T accounts all over the whiteboard, teaching me about Debits and Credits. When I took Accounting 101, it was like being back in that conference room with Bob, and I not only aced the class, the teacher got frustrated at me because he had to modify his curve to accommodate my scores. THANK YOU, BOB! I have been in bookkeeping ever since. I know this may sound strange to you, but I get the biggest thrill when I get a reconciliation done to the penny! You probably would not understand that, but don’t you get great satisfaction looking at your finished report or seeing how many people are reading your latest article? That is how I feel about printing out the financial statements at the end of the month.
The advances in technology and computer programs are what has really allowed me to make this transition to running my own company. Now, everything can be sent electronically, and I do not have to go office-to-office anymore.
You do not want to spend your time on your books. You want to do something that generates income, so let me handle the tedious task of bookkeeping, and you can get back to what you are good at! Shoot me a line, and we can go over your company’s needs and set up a plan that will help you figure out how to get your company running smoothly and keep more revenues in the business.

Meet the Team

Mary Goodrich - Good Rich Bookkeeping Quickbooks, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll

Mary has over twenty years of bookkeeping and accounting experience. All with small businesses. She is organized and accurate. She loves children, sewing and numbers.


Adella is attending classes and hopes to be a Marine Biologist. She is dependable and conscientious. She loves to read, bake, and watch movies.

Smokey 1

What would we do without Smokey keeping the files straight? He is an excellent mouser. He loves to scratch the door frame, lay on anything soft, and receive tummy rubs.